PrEP Use and Adherence Among Transgender Individuals

Insurance claims data can improve surveillance for PrEP.

Prevalence of HIV testing among black and white transgender adults, 2016–2019

Only 15 percent of transgender people were tested for HIV in the past year.

Differences in Perinatal Outcomes of Birthing People in Same-Sex and Different-Sex Marriages

No differences in perinatal outcomes of birthing people in same and different-sex marriages.

Hair Removal for Patients Undergoing Feminizing Surgeries in Oregon’s Medicaid Program

Lack of access to pre-operative hair removal can create additional delays for patients undergoing gender-affirming surgeries.

Prevalence of Social Determinants of Health Among Sexual Minority Women and Men in 2017

Sexual minorities have more housing and food insecurity than heterosexuals, which may contribute to their risk for poorer health.

Same-Sex Marriage and Gains in Employer-Sponsored Insurance for US Adults, 2008–2017

Marriage equality increased employer-sponsored health insurance coverage.

Pathways to pregnancy for sexual minority women in same-sex marriages

Our objective was to describe fertility technologies and treatments used by women with live births in same-sex marriages.

The Livongo for Diabetes Program

Coaching Coupled with Real-Time Data Improves Blood Glucose.

Cost-effectiveness of the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment

Early NASG application for women in hypovolemic shock has the potential to be cost-effective across many clinical settings.